90 KM/H
3510 MM

AM SHJ 216 & 216 J

This plough model has quite big working width of 3,5m and can be installed on 4 and 5-axle trucks. Together with front plough ploughing width of the truck can reach 7...8m per 1 drive, and working speed up to 90 km/h.

Plough has over 40 modern technical solutions making him best one on its class. Special attention is paid to steering of the truck, mounting easiness, compact transport position and low weight of attachments. At the same time powerful hydraulic cylinder make possible fast adjustment of ploughing angle in all speed range.

Plough has several protection stages against overloading and collisions - mechanical, hydraulic, and operability of those has been confirmed by our Customers in many different contries of the world.

Model AM SHJ 216 J has similar dimensions and characteristics except of blade - it is segmented and flexible. Blade is divided by 30cm segments and each of them is following road surface individually improving snow cleaning result. At the same time blade has agressive attach angle. Such solution is our know-how and is in use in most modern Arctic front ploughs.

  • Fast mounting/demounting
  • Reliable Finnish attachments
  • Working width with 1 truck up to 8m
  • Aerodynamic wing
Minimum wing height 550 mm
Maximum wing height 1370 mm
Maximum working width 3510 mm
Ploughing angle 3 ° - 48 °
Possibility to have flexible segmented blade Yes