90 KM/H
2720-3700 MM

AM 3700 HPD

The most silent, fast and modern front plough in the world. AM 3700 HPD model is middle-size snow plough, designed for use in suburban areas and highways, as well as in mountain roads with many sharp turnings. Ploughing angle can be adjusted steplessly to the right or left up to 42°. The plough has excellent snow-throwing properties and ploughing speed up to 90 km/h.

Available for tractors and trucks

The flexible blade structure is completely maintenance free. The 75° attack angle of the elastic blade guarantees excellent cutting, lifting snow and its further ejection without being too aggressive when confronting obstacles. In addition, aggressive attack angle reduces fuel consumption during ploughing noticeably. Plough can easily follow the horizontal and longitudinal inclinations of the road surface, producing a very clean ploughing outcome.

Special snow-direction plate together with big and robust polyurethane snow control visor prevents overthrowing of snow and slush to the driver’s windshield. Plough suites well for high speed ploughing especially for salted and slushy roads.


Target Applicability With T2 equipment
Highways / main roads + ++
Local roads +++ +++
Streets ++ ++


  • Double blade (T2)
  • Wear disk set (left & right)
  • Hard metal blades with bolts attachment
  • Norwegian reflection plate taping
  • Side reflectors red/white
  • LED light set
  • High power flash lights
  • Tapings
  • Variety of wear blades
  • Side rail protectors
  • Wheel device

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Working width 2720 - 3700 mm
Wing height 1245 mm
Ploughing angle 42 °- 0 - 42°
Blade angle 75 °
Weight 1050 kg