Winter Road Congress 2020

Arctic Machine is participating in WINTER ROAD CONGRESS TAMPERE 12.2.2020 - 13.2.2020.

At our stand 451 we are presenting with Infotripla the newest technology in winter road maintenance and SMART solutions for road maintenance management.

In our stand you can see a fully equipped Road Maintenance Truck.

There is also a change to test all our iRoad controllers!

So come and visit us at our stand 451!

Arctic Machine is participating in two demonstrations.

Demonstration: First public demonstration in the history on autonomous function of the side plough

Have you ever seen a road maintenance truck, which operates it’s work autonomously? In the demonstration, there is a chance to see a small demo of this (in case there is some snow, of course). Demonstration will be the first public showcase ever, on an autonomous function on the side plough.

In 2018 there was a research project called Infra Challenge, commissioned by the Finnish Transport Infrastructure Agency and it was carried out by Arctic Machine Ltd. together with partners. In the project there was this very same road maintenance truck. Software installed on this truck performed automated snow removal and de-icing operations.


There may be several surprising obstacles while driving a car among the traffic. At the demonstration Arctic Machine will demonstrate how “Robot Truck's” side plough will try to pass an obstacle without touching it. What we are expecting to see, is that a side plough will close down autonomously when facing the barrel on the test field. This was already successfully tested in closed test field in 2018. On Arctic Machine stand 451 you can watch a video of this test.

Demostration: Road Maintenance Tractor: From fields to the roads

Road Maintenance tractors seems to be more and more popular. In the demostration, Valtra's tractor is equipped with front plough, side plough, scraper and controlling unit from Arctic Machine. Scraper is called AM 513 TR. Scraper is designed for heavy duty use in severe conditions all year round.

Front plough is AM 3000 FMD. This plough is designed to turn to the right and left. Plough wing features great throwing properties even at low speed and works at white roads.

Last but not least a AM SHJ 207 TR side plough is also installed to the tractor. With this side-mounted plough, you can increase the ploughing width of your tractor till 4,5 meters. In addition to ploughing, you can use it for removing windrow and lowering snow banks when levelling packed snow.