What (is) a road maintenance truck?!

While talking about road maintenance truck, we are talking about a truck which is possible to equip with summer and winter road maintenance equipment.

Here you can see a powerful example from MAZ-MAN: http://ru.maz-man.by/clients/prezentatsiya-avtomobilya-samosvala-maz-man-752559/

and a review: http://www.gruzovikpress.ru/article/21831-kdm-maz-man-752559-osnashchennaya-oborudovaniem-firmy-arctic-machine-novye-vozmojnosti/

This truck in the pictures is on its “winter mode”, equipped with automatic spreader, side plough and front plough and iRoad 4 control system. When the spring begins, it is fast and easy to change winter gear into a summer gear (also to this truck), when the truck is equipped with Arctic Machine attachment and hydraulics.

As a summer gear we recommend AM sweepers or washers with water tank and a scraper is also an option! With these items you can clean the roads from dust and sand in no time.

Read the article with review and check out our offer for winter and summer equipment on our web page. You can also ask for an offer on the product page, and find your local retailer for Arctic Machine products here.


Front plough AM 4600 HPD T2 swivels 42 ° to each side
The sand and salt automatic spreader AM 9054
Side plough AM SHJ 216 J
AM iRoad 5 controlling unit