Timber + round maintenance truck

Brand new truck with AM 6 Scraper and happy owners, Kuljetusliike Enbuska Oy!

The scraper is exceptionally high mounted, allowing good ground clearance in the truck. Ground clearance is as high as timber trucks usually have. The design and planning process in cooperation with various bodywork manufacturers, the truck manufacturer and the seller enabled the truck to have a functional product package and a fast installation schedule. You can spot this timber + round maintenance truck on the roads of Lapland in Finland

Here are some special details for you about this truck:
• The truck is Volvo FH16 750hp 8x4 VTA-VDS 8x4 4900 from Wetteri Power Oy.
• Fully operational timber truck superstructure planned and assembled by Alucar Oy .
• Scraper hydraulics operate efficiently and quickly for engine power take-off via a 41 ltr hydraulic pump installed at Volvo's factory. Hydraulic oil flows in the scraper hydraulics only when the iRoad controller is used. This is made possible by the By-Bass free-circulation valve connected to the hydraulic pump.
• VTA Tekniikka Oy installed the 2nd pusher axle VTA4211.6EEHS, which is electrically controlled by an electric steering pump.
• Mounting the scraper this high was achieved by 3D modelling and special design process by VTA Tekniikka.

The AM centre-mounted scrapers have hydraulic inclination adjustment, adjustable force for main blade from control unit, and hydraulic extension wings to maximize working width. Scraper can be fitted with various wear-blade options for specific tasks.

Special thanks to:
Kuljetusliike Enbuska Oy
Raimo Enbuska, Wetteri Power Oy Rovaniemi
Alucar Oy Maxmo
VTA Tekniikka Oy Vantaa