On the route with professional - Kuntec Oy

Last saturday I got a chance to jump on Kuntec Infra Oy's road maintenance truck with driver/equipment responsible Kari Jalonen. He has been working with road maintenance equipment for twenty years so he is a right person to give his opinion about AM road maintenance truck we delivered on 2015. After two years of using the truck they start to see good and bad about it.

Silent and maintenance-free front plough

While driving we started talking about AM 4000 HMX front plough. First thing Kari mentioned was the silence. Plouhg is equipped with polyurethane elastic elements what make the plough very silent. Second perception Kari has made is that plough have very strong construction and compared to their older plough they are practically maintenance-free.

Strong scraper

Even if there is not so much everyday use for scraper in southern Finland as in northern parts they have found AM 513 scraper to be strong and easy to use with AM iROAD 4 control unit.

User friendly spreader

When we talk about AM 5036 spreader attention was focused on ease of use and robust construction. The new model has even stronger feeding tube and spinner disc than in previous models. New roller control unit has been said to be very logical and easy to use. Only remark what could be improved on the spreader was a small delay in starting the spreading after stopping for junction. For this problem we will try to find a solution together as soon as possible.

Logical and easy AM iROAD control system

“There is no return to old multi-joystick system” Kari says. It took some time to get used to new iROAD control unit but once You did it is logical and very easy to use. It really makes driver job much easier.

Big thanks to Kari and Kuntec Oy for opportunity to come aboard on ploughing route! It was a pleasure to see a professional at work!

Toni Jääskeläinen, Sales manager