New Brand Identity

A little more than a year ago, we announced that Arctic Machine Oy would become part of the globally active Aebi Schmidt Group. Now, we are pleased to inform you today that we will also make the affiliation to the group visually recognisable with regard to our brand appearance. Our new brand logo joins the group of product brands that form the essential foundation of the Aebi Schmidt Group.




The Aebi Schmidt Group is a global leader of smart product systems and services for the treatment of mission-critical infrastructural and agricultural areas. The Group is headquartered in Switzerland and employs around 2,000 people. As our own brand, the brands represented in the group all look back on many years of experience, in some cases even over 100 years. Experience that will now directly benefit you as our business partner.

Apart from the new brand identity and in respect of existing business processes, nothing will change for you, except that we are now in a position to offer you an even broader range of professional products and solutions, especially in the field of sweepers and multifunctional vehicles or equipment in the munici­pal sector, at the airport and in agriculture. Our legal personality will remain unchanged, as will the manage­ment and the employees which have been responsible for you before.

Starting April 1, we will adapt our new appearance step by step, from business cards to e-mail addresses and vehicle lettering. We will uncompromisingly continue to work closely with you as our business part­ner to enable best possible solutions for specific situations and requirements. Our focus will remain on the solution and not primarily on the single product. The affiliation to the group enables us now to offer the best of both worlds.

The Infotripla brand will remain unchanged until further notice. Until about the end of this year, infor­mation and imagery will be available on our existing website as well as on the Group's website.

We are convinced that our successful history as a professional and customer-oriented solution provider will continue under the umbrella of the Aebi Schmidt Group. If you have any questions regarding brand appearance, marketing materials or products and solutions, please do not hesitate to contact your exis­ting contact persons within our organisation.