Christmas Greetings

Christmas is almost here! The end of the year is also getting closer so let’s look back what happened during the year.

Infotripla Oy became a part of Arctic Machine

Our expertise took a big jump towards digitized products when Infotripla became a part of our group. Infotripla is a Finnish forerunner in new digital age transport system services. What it comes to smart mobility and digitized transport data, Infotripla is the partner you need.

Road maintenance innovations

The biggest product development project in our company’s history is ongoing. Together with Finnish Transport Agency and some other partners we are exploring the future of autonomous road maintenance. Highlight of the year was test days in Lapland. There we run succeeded test drives with road maintenance truck which plough and spreader worked autonomously without human hand. Remote access to a spreader was also tested so that spreader was controlled remotely on a computer. This remote access technology is developed by Infotripla. During the next year we will publish report of the research.

History was made also in Belarus when front and side ploughs were equipped with flexible blade system iFlex.

At the beginning of the year new plough was launched. AM NORD 16-3700 plough is designed for areas with heavy snow fall. New plough has been popular specially at the snowy parts of Norway.

Web shop

We launched a web shop for Finnish customers. At the moment we sell spare parts and we are planning to expand the variety of the products and at some point we are hopefully able to serve internationally all of our customers also online.

Christmas at Arctic Machine

Our Christmas present to employees will be a donation for Children’s Department of Central Finland Health Care District. Our staff will rest and relax during Christmas holidays and get back to work after Christmas holidays.

With Christmassy Greetings

Arctic Machine