Arctic Machine, one of the strongest growth companies in Finland

Arctic Machine has proven that road maintenance industry combined with digital transport system services is one of the most potential business fields in Finland and an export product for which professionals expect high growth in the future. The Kasvu Open jury selected Arctic Machine as one of the top 10 growth companies in Finland at the Kasvu Open Karnevaali on October 24, 2019.

24. October 2019

We are one of the top 10 finalists in Kasvu Open Karnevaali!

We are proud to be in top 10 finals in the Kasvu Open Karnevaali Finals!

The winner will be published today at 14.45 o'clock in the afternoon. Follow the stream:

What is KasvuOpen? Read more (in Finnish):

4. September 2019

Arctic Machine is in the Kasvu Open finals!

18. August 2019

Arctic Machine received an honorable mention at the Kasvu Open Smart Industry Sparring! "The jury praised the company for being a renewing, transformative and innovative player with proven functionality of delivering services.”

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4. June 2019

We did it! Thank you Kasvu Open for choosing us to take next steps on Smart Industry sparring!

Kasvu Open is the largest project for sparring eager to grow companies with growth experts in Finland. The Smart Industry Growth Path is looking for bold and innovative growth companies, for example in research, product development and manufacturing. The growth path connects to the Jyväskylä Eteläportti network.

Eteläportti is Europe’s most advanced digital service hub for the manufacturing industry is being built just outside Jyväskylä.

Smart Industry Growth Path:

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