In 2020 a “Snowman” is the key player for the cost efficiency of a customer

Springtime is coming to the Kainuu district in Finland. During previous winters, there has been plenty of winter road maintenance done at Kone- ja metallipalvelu Schroderus. Specialised in tractor applied contracting, the entrepreneur Jan Schroderus has run his company from an early age with a modern customer-oriented method. Arctic snow ploughs are the company’s most trusted partners in any road considered.

In 2020 a “Snowman” is the key player for the cost efficiency of a customer. Kone- ja metallipalvelu Schroderus is not a company clearing the snow, it is a full solution provider who grasps their customer's needs. While interviewing Jan Schroderus, it became noticeable that they lead with a “The Customer comes first” mindset. When asked what are the best attributes for working as a contractor, he replies: “Our company runs with the customer's point of view in mind. We think about how our customers can achieve cost-efficiency and how we can offer our services with minimal downtime. We can attend to the customer's needs and apply our own knowledge to end up with a great result, as well as offering excellent customer service throughout the process.

While talking with Schroderus it is clear that customer-first attitude has been taken as a prior thing in the company’s everyday life. How is it that this company has understood the importance of customer service? When the company was starting its contracting business in 2013, there was only one route in which we could clear the snow. “We gained the trust of our customer's and applied a professional approach which enables us to use our high-quality equipment, which ended with great ploughing result. Gaining the trust of the customer paid off and little by little we started clearing more and more roads."

Nowadays the company takes care of two and three class roads containing forest roads, municipal roads and windmill area roads. “We are fully committed to doing our part for the environment, which is why are heavily involved within the energy industry too.”

More seriously talking, Schroderus sees the future bright but with respect in the voice he adds “we hope for the best and keep ongoing.”.

The demanding job requires reliable staff

The company is currently working with four AM front ploughs, side ploughs and sand spreaders. “On the highway, there is no daring to use any other than AM ploughs. It is so demanding business that so much is required from the snowplough.” -arguments Schroderus using Arctic ploughs daily.

The tractor fleet consists of four tractors and several employees. In an important role, there is also his brother and father working in the company. While mentioning the family and support from the family, it is clear to see how important entrepreneurship and working together as a family is for Schroderus: “Road maintenance work is extremely demanding. While looking back on this time of year, there are so many sleepless nights behind us all. You simply must trust each other.” He ends his thinking by joking: “you cannot make the snow raise back to the clouds”. Which is very true!

Tips for cost efficiency from the entrepreneur Jan Schroderus:

Schroderus has realised on a concrete level how choices of snow cleaning equipment have instant and especially long-term cost – or more correctly – saving impacts. With good consideration of the equipment, you get direct savings for the customer. Here are few tips for you:

  • When the plough structure is light, the fuel consumption is lower: “During the winter periods it is remarkable cost saving you get”.
  • “The Old Lady” purchased the time company was started is still working full speed, so it is worth paying for high-end quality: “The Old Lady” got new hard metal pikes and worked as fine as a new plough the whole winter. Need for repairing has been very low during the years.”.

Special thanks

We would like to thank Jan Schroderus and his family for being interviewed for this article. We wish all the best for the company in the future! >

For this article, the trusted photographer of Kone- ja metallipalvelu Schroderus, Janne Tarvainen was invited to do shootings. You can follow him on Instagram: @photography_tarvaine >

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Turun Konekeskus borrowed a brand-new MF 8S as a “model” for the shootings! Thank you Turun Konekeskus!