90 KM/H
9300 MM

5-axle road maintenance vehicles

5-axle Road Maintenance Trucks are designed for work at big highways where high working speed is required together with minimum traffic disturb, high performance equipments with colossal working width and sufficient power reserve when spreading anti-skid material. When equipped with modern front and side mounted ploughs with flexible blade system which ensure detailed following road profile as well as minimum influence for road marking, such Road Maintenance Truck can clean 2-line highway in one pass. Also it is possible to equip such truck with 2 side ploughs from left and right and get maximum ploughing width up to 12 m.

For such RMT are available next equipments:

  • Danfoss hydraulics and CAN-BUS control system iRoad 4
  • Front attachment for quickly mountable equipment
  • Front plough and washing equipment
  • Side rail sweeper for washing any types of road rails
  • Front and middle sweeper
  • Side plough and scraper
  • Hook lift or wirelift
  • Tipper

All Arctic Machine equipment are quickly mountable and doesn't require any extra lifting devices for its installation or taking off from Truck.

Maximum working speed till 90 km/h
Maximum ploughing width till 9,3 m
Maximum dry material capacity till 9 m3
Maximum liquid material capacity till 7,5 m3
Engine power from 500 hp
Wheel formula 10х4, 10х6, etc.