Data collection system

In additional to own equipment production Arctic is creating not only own control systems and software for them, but also data collection and monitoring systems. Our solution doesn't require many sensors with low reliability in specific road conditions at winter maintenance. All information comes into control unit what is calibrated for each Road Maintenance Truck individually, and further automatically is transferred to our server. For being precise system is working with GPS and GLONASS at the same time if needed. In case of bad GSM network coverage system is accumulating information and is transferring it when stable GSM connection will be established again. From that sense system is autonomous and minimize human factor to influence for data.

After transfer to the server all mass of information is processed, systematized and after changing its view is available for end user also from mobile devices through Internet connection. From one hand user can control work and position of own fleet online, from other - it's possible to get history from information archive for long period, for example as a proof of executed works to main contractor or police in case of car accidents. Also information can be limited for different recipients depending on their needs, for example - for road administration only position of trucks and working equipment on them, for subcontractor - deep information about trucks, drivers, fuel consumption, engine iddle running, symmetry of spreading, type of anti-skid material, spreading density, etc. So in the end our system allows to improve management and usage of fleet at road network.

In addition to map application there is report application available. It makes analyze of the data, accumulate chosen parameters and gives time savings to management stuff in connection with costs calculations and preparation to next winter season. All together it helps to get deeper understanding of maintenance process and expenses, find strong and weak points and get permanent improvement of efficiency with cost savings.

Our monitoring and reporting system AM DCS is not replacement of engineers and management stuff, but a tool, which allows to get easy and detailed understanding of the processes, get time savings and help to make management decisions.

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