For easiness of work at roundabouts and narrow city conditions front washer has possibility of lateral movement to left and right for 0,5m with control from cabin. Choice of nozzles and equipments is occur from control unit and thanks to high performance of water pump it's possible to use single nozzles or many of their combinations together is needed.

High lifetime of our washing system is ensured due to use of most modern and maintenance free components, such as Rosenbauer for example.

Powerful storage legs can handle take on/off fully loaded tank into tipper or hooklift, what is especially useful when there is absence of quick filling possibilities, as well as maximizing of chassis usage at different works.

Water tank volume 6 - 15 m3
Water pump performance up to 1200 l/min
Recommended working pressure 8 - 12 bar
Amount of nozzles into street washer bar 9 pcs
Amount of additional nozzles, water guns 3 pcs, controlled from cabin
Hand washing hose length 20 m