30 KM/H
2500 MM

AM US 2500

Under-mounted sweeper AM US 2500 is designed for all year round sweeping works installed on truck chassis. Special attention was paid to working speed which was increased till 30 km/h. Brush discs of big outer diameter allow to extend working period between their replacement and get ecomony from wear discs.

Sweeper has hydraulic pressing system what allows to get efficient brushing result and avoid jumping of sweeper during working process. From the top and front sweeper is protected with mudguard which prevents dirt and snow fly to base truck and truck mirrors.

Also sweeper has possibility of lateral movement up to 400mm right allowing sweeping works near curbstones without driving on them.

  • Possibility to install together with side plough
  • Truck clearance up to 200mm
  • Hydraulic motor safety system
  • Simple and reliable wear disc replacement
Outer diameter of brush discs 600 mm
Amount of bruch discs 65 pcs
Working width up to 2510 mm
Adjustment range of rotation speed 0 - 300 rpm
Weight 300 kg
Pressing towards the surface Hydraulic


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