30 KM/H
3000 MM

AM 300 OSB

The rear mounted AM 300 OSB is designed for year-round operation on city streets, parking areas, and at airports.

The sweeper is equipped with anti-cavitation valve to ensure smooth operation. A clever floatation device, with shock absorbers, is fitted as standard equipment. A watering system, for dust suppresion, is available as an optional accessory.

The large diameter brush discs, and powerful heavy-duty hydraulic motors, allow for a maximum working speed of 30 km/h to be achieved. This increase in efficiency minimizes disturbance to traffic. The floatation device offers good visibility for the driver, and does not require special operator attention during operation.

  • LED lights and warning pannels as required.
  • Parking supports as standard equipment.
  • Aluminum cover and adjustable rubber mudguard
  • Mounting/dis-mounting can b achied in less than 5 minutes.
Circumference of Brush Discs: 915 mm
Maximum transport width 3370 mm
Quantity of Brush Discs: 63 pcs
Working width up to 3000 mm
Left/Right Swiveling Angle: 30 - 0 - 30 degr
Weight 585 kg


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