0-20 KM/H
2400 - 2940 MM


AM Rail PSB - special machine for cleaning open lines of subway and also depot places. Machine has own engine, hydraulic and other supply systems for feeding own working devices (2 snow blowers and sweeper). Unique feature of machine is possibility to clean when moving to any direction.

Rotor blowing units have adjutment for height position, have huge power and extra impellers. All together it allows to have suction effect when cleaning frosty fresh snow.

AM Rail PSB was designed especially for Helsinki subway from the ground by Arctic Machine specialists and is unique on itself, without any analogues.

Own engine power 554 hp
Maximum torque 2 400 Nm
Sweeper working width 2 040 mm
Amount of snow blowers 2 pcs
Possibility to clean in both directions Yes
Length 11,3 m
Weight 22 t