0-10 KM/H
2700-3500 MM

Snow blower AM 2500

Snow blower АМ 2500 is modern and efficient way to clean snow banks from the roads and streets. It has possibility of 3-ways loading into tipper of the truck what minimize traffic disturb and increase safety of cleaning works in the city areas. A distinctive feature of the machine is absence of blowing unit (impeller) what favorably affects in reliability and non-stop work. Collection, crashing and mixing into homogeneous mass with further throwing it into blowing tube is ensured with the help of 1 single working unit, rotating with high speed, - only one heavy drum with smart shape and positioning of throwing blades. It allows to avoid need of snow bank preparation by other machines and equipments (like grader) and decrease cost of process. Due to loading into tipper homogeneous mass of snow you can use full volume of tipper and compress snow inside at the same time, what decrease amount of necessary routes. And fuel consumption is usually between 15 to 20 l/mh only.

Snow blower is totally independent from base machine and is quickly changeble equipment, what decrease costs for its maintenance. Control of all functions is going only from cabin from own control units.

  • 40-50% more snow into tipper comparing to traditional way
  • Low fuel consumption
  • Electric pre-heating of diesel engine
  • Big fuel tank
Standard working width 2700 mm
Maximum width 2855 mm
Performance 30 m³/min
Minimum tipping load of base machine in swivel position 7000 kg
Rotation of blowing tube 270°
Engine power 129 kW / 175 hp
Loading height 3600 mm
Dry weight 3 630 kg