90 KM/H
3950 MM

Arctic SHJ 218 & 218 J

Model SHJ 218 is the biggest side plough with fixed blade. It is designed for installation at 4 and 5-axle trucks and snow ploughing at highways and motorways at high speed.

Wing has deep aerodynamic shape and has excellent throwing properties. Unlike to flat wing shape, our ploughs accumulate and keep snow inside of the wing without its overthrowing over and strong spraying all over. This improve snow cleaning result but also increase safety of snow ploughing works.

For extension of wear blades lifetime plough can we equipped with hard metal wear disc support at wheel device. For noise decrease we can equip side plough with noise reduction system. In some Baltic and Nordic counties use of that system is mandatory.

Model SHJ 218 J has same characteristics except of blade - it is segmented and flexible. Each segment is 30 cm long and is following road profile individually, improving snow ploughing result and reducing salt consumption. At the same time attack angle of the plough is aggressive what allows to use plough at 90 km/h even. These flexible blade elements are Arctic know-how and are used in most moderns front ploughs as well.

  • Over 40 modern and smart technical solutions
  • Working width with 1 truck up to 8m.
  • Lifting and opening functions are separated
  • 3 times lighter and more reliable attachments comparing to other producers
Minimum wing height 550 mm
Maximum wing height 1370 mm
Maximum working width 4410 mm
Ploughing angle 3 ° - 48 °
Possibility to have segmented flexible blade Yes