90 KM/H
3180 MM

Arctic SHJ 214

SHJ 214 - middle size side plough for highways and motorways. It's the biggest available side plough for 3-axle truck. Together with front plough total cleaning width of the truck from 1 pass will reach 6m. Shape of the wing is cylindrical, what makes plough aerodynamic and ensure excellent throwing properties. Due to that accumulation of snow banks on the side of the road is very slow and that decrease usage of grader and winter maintenance costs in the end.

Plough has smooth adjustment of ploughing angle, available in all speed range. Floating in lateral and lingitudinal directions is provided with mechanical solution and is the most reliable way to do it. High weight of the plough and agressive attack angle allows to make ploughing works at speed up to 90 km/h safely and easy for driver. At the same time agressive attack angle brings low cutting resistance, what decrease fuel consumption of base machine.

  • Low weight of attachments
  • Absence of wing overthroving
  • Several safety systems
  • Powerful hydraulic cylinders
Minimum wing height 550 mm
Maximum wing height 1370 mm
Maximum working width 3180 mm
Ploughing angle 3 ° - 48 °