90 KM/H
2730 MM

AM SHJ 212

Model AM SHJ 212 is designed for installation at 3 and 4-axle trucks for cleaning of road lines as well as sideways. Usage of this side plough model together with front plough allows to get 5,5m ploughing width with 1 pass. This size of side plough is the biggest one what can be used for grader works, such as snow bank leveling and cuting. For that purposes our side plough can be equipped with special accessory that allows to open wing in the air and have even negative inclination angle.

Attachment to the truck is simple and reliable, and at the same time has small weight. Due to that when side plough is not in use and is disconnected from truck, base chassis can use maximum of its carring capacity and avoid extra liters of fuel consumption for carring unnecessary heavy attachments. Plough has longitudinal and lateral floating mechanism and smooth ploughing angle adjustment which is available at all speed range.

  • Robust wing for grader works even
  • Several stages of plough protection
  • Noise reduction system for use into cities
  • Fast and simple attachment to the truck within 5 min
Minimum wing height 550 mm
Maximum wing height 1370 mm
Maximum working width 2730 mm
Ploughing angle 3 ° - 48 °