60 KM/H
1510 MM

Arctic SHJ 207 TR

With the SHJ 207 TR side-mounted plough, you can easily increase the ploughing width of your tractor. In addition to ploughing, it can use it for removing and reducing snow banks.

In spring time, the SHJ 207 TR can also level snow banks, speeding up road drying, and improving the safety of the road surface.

With the side-mounted plow, you can control the plowing width of the tractor, allowing for the snow to be thrown further away from the road, and also to avoid obstacles during operation. Moreover, the the ploughing width can be easily controlled for safe operation in traffic. You can also use the plow to decrease and remove snow banks at intersections, which significantly improves driver visibility.

The plows 3pt linkage has a wide operational range of movement, allowing for specific angling in curbs, and in areas where operational width can be restricted

Working width 1510 mm
Plough angle adjustment 0–45º
Inclination angle adjustment 0–13º
Blade agnle 42º
Weight 1200 kg