60 KM/H
1510 MM


With the AM 207 TR side-mounted plough, you can easily increase the ploughing width of your tractor. In addition to ploughing, you can use it for removing windrow and lowering snow banks when levelling packed snow.

During springtime, you can also remove snow banks. This speeds up road drying and thus substantially reduces road maintenance costs.

With a side-mounted plough, you can control the ploughing width of your tractor, which decreases the size of the snow banks on the road. Moreover, the whole road width stayssafe for traffi c. You can also use the plough to decrease and remove snow banks at intersections, which signifi cantly improves visibility.

The plough’s three-point linkage makes big movements of the wing possible. Theseare necessary for controlling the snow bank size on curbs.

Working width 1510 mm
Plough angle adjustment 0–45º
Inclination angle adjustment 0–13º
Blade agnle 42º
Weight 1200 kg