50 KM/H
2500-3250 MM

AM 6 scraper

AMS 6 scraper is designed for all year round maintenance works as a part of road maintenance truck. In winter time with the help of this scraper it's possible to make profiling or full cleaning of packed snow and ice from the road surface, and in summer time - profiling of gravel and forest roads, as well as sideways.

Scraper has 25° fixed installation angle what is minimally sufficient for material quick move along the scraper main blade without its accumulation and overthrowing the wing. Scraper has 2 telescopic extension wings as standard from left and right to increase working width when needed and stay compact in transport position.

Scraper has adjustable force for main blade from control unit in the cabin what allows to find necessary pressure for each case and conditions. Also there is function of reverse automatism to prevent any damage when truck is reversing back.

  • Over 20 modern technical solutions
  • Adjustable attack angle for different road surfaces and tasks
  • Wide range of wear blades and pikes
  • Hydraulic protection against obstacles
Working width 2500 - 3250 mm
Swiveling angle (fixed) 25°
Tilt angle 80 - 150°
Weight 550 kg