60 KM/H
2485-3095 (25 °) MM

AM 513i scraper

Intelligent Scraper: 513i

513 scraper -product family has a new member, while 513i (intellegent) -scraper was launced in 2019.

Pressure always in adjusted level

Pressure stays always in adjusted level and blade angle is monitored by inductive sensor of tilt cylinder. This is an useful feature while graveling an inclination on road surface.

Traditional 513 scraper has a standard pressure regulator in tilt cylinder. Intelligent 513i scraper instead has a standard pressure regulator in lift cylinders. When mother blade is set against the surface, hydraulic pressure can be easily adjusted with iRoad controller. Standard pressure can also be adjusted on different level to left or to the right side of scraper. When there are changes on road surface, also the pressure in cylinders changes accordingly.

Wing tilt adjustment 14º / 14º
Working width, minimum, angle 0º 2750 mm
Working width, minimum, angle 25º 2485 mm
Working width, maximum, angle 0º 3480 mm
Working width, maximum, angle 25º 3095 mm
Height of mother blade 360 mm
Maximum plowing angle, left-right 25 °
Blade angle adjustment 80° - 140°
Weight 900 kg