80 KM/H
3000 MM

AM RTP 1524

AM RTP 1524 - unique plough for snow cleaning at railroads designed by Arctic. Plough has special reverse function which turn front plough to opposite side and plough becomes a side plough. It prevents idle runs of base machine. This feature is most important into railway stations with many tracks, where all snow shall be moved to one direction only.

Plough has increadible strong frame that allows to move any thickness of snow or snow banks. Limit is only friction between base machine and tracks.

Special attention is paid to operation speed of hydraulic functions. All movements are fast enough and safe to use at the same time.

Working width like front plough about 3 m
Working width like side plough about 3 m
Maximum thickness of ploughing snow 2 m
Lifting height up to 730 mm