60 KM/H
4470-5600 MM

AM 5600 APV

This plough was especially designed for cleaning of airport runways as well as parking areas of airplanes. Unique feature of the plough is it's light weight (1200 kg only) and quite big ploughing width, what is equal to ploughs used into road maintenance. Such weight allows to install APV ploughs to standard chassis with only 9t front axle. Such low weight of the plough is reached due to use of special modern alloys and materials. Such unique mass of the plough allows to reduce investments into maintenance fleet at least 2 times from the beginning.

Attachment of the wear blade to mother blade is done in very smart way, so that there are no any gaps between parts, what makes ploughing result much cleaner and decrease amount of needed anti-skid material (which one is very expensive). At the same time it influences for environment in positive way at airport area. Wear blade of the plough is done from single piece but can be replaced by 1 person in short period of time. Materail of wear blade is special type of polyurethane, resistant for friction and enough flexible to prevent destruction of special lights into runway surface. Lifetime of our PU wear blade is over 300h.

  • Savings of investments to equipment over 2 times
  • High working speed
  • Robust support wheels
  • All materials and components approved for airport use
  • Adjustable from load hsape of the wing
  • Quick installation and simplified maintenance
Blade length 5600 mm
Working width 4470 mm
Swiveling angle 37 °
Blade attack angle 45 °
Weight 1200 kg