90 KM/H
4000-5200 MM

AM 5200 LPC

The biggest front mounted plough AM 5200 LPC is designed especially for works and highways with many lines to each direction and keep ploughing speed 90 km/h, making minimum disturb for traffic. Unique feature of the plough is that it has option for patented side movement function, what allows to reach cleaning width (together with side plough) by one truck up to 9,3m, and at the same time stay compact in transport position. Plough has thick polyethylene wing turning into steel edges. This gives to plough excellent handling properties for wet snow and slush, because PE is resistant to agressive salty environment and prevent sticking of snow on polished surface of plastic from inner side of the wing. And at the same time plough can be used for snow bank cutting works by steel edges of the wing.

Blade attack angle is agressive (51°) plus plough has 1 feet long flexible blade elements for precise following lateral road profile. Also LPC ploughs can be equipped with double blade (T2) system with hydraulic pressing it to road surface with the help of 2 cylinders. Pressing force is adjusted at the factory for ensuring best ploughing result.

LPC plough is the epitome of all best experience, received by Arctic during many tens of years about improving road mainteance process, its efficiency, and this is confirmed by many comparison tests where LPC ploughs show best ploughing result together with HPD.

  • 80 years experience in road maintenance business
  • Cleaning of I-class highway in 1 drive
  • Over 50 modern and smart technical solutions
  • Thickness of steel parts up to 90 mm
  • Frame of the plough can keep load of 10t
Working width 4000-5200 mm
Wing height 1100 mm
Swiveling angle 42° - 0 - 42°
Blade attack angle 51 °
Weight 1200 kg
Side movement Yes / available also with fixed parallellogram