90 KM/H
3400-4600 MM

AM 4600 HPD

The most silent, fast and modern front plough in the world. Model AM 4600 HPD is the biggest from HPD-series and is designed for snow ploughing on highways and mainroads together with side mounted plough or without it. HPD-series ploughs are the most popular models in Nordic countries and Belarus because of number of advantages, such as: polished from inner side PE wing of significant thickness, flexible blade system that allows to follow lateral road profile individually by each segment, reduced noise level, absense of vibration transfer to base machine, etc. All together plough has over 50 technical modern solutions what allows to show best ploughing result in all comparison tests within last years.

  • Maintenance free flexible blade system
  • New double blade system with increased amount of segments
  • Strong thick cylinders with safety systems against overloading
  • Thickness of important parts up to 90 mm
  • Side roller protectors for work along road railings
Working width 3400-4600 mm
Wing maximum height 1245 mm
Swiveling angle 42 °- 0 - 42°
Blade attack angle 75 °
Weight 1250 kg