90 KM/H
2950-4000 MM

AM 4000 HPD

The most silent, fast and efficient front plough in the world. Model AM 4000 HPD is designed for highways and mainroads, and ensure enough coverage of ploughing width for work together with side ploughs. HPD plough has polyethylene wing that is resistant to vibrations, hits and agressive salt engironment, and also flexible blade system that allows to follow lateral profile of the road individually by each segment of the blade. Inner side of the wing is polished what prevents snow sticking on it. Precisely calculated aerodynamics of the wing shape and other clever design solutions always keep windshield and mirrors of the truck clean, what significantly increase safety of road maintenance works. Also plough can be equipped with double blade system with wear resistant rubber blades working together with main plough blade..

  • Thickness of steel parts up to 90 mm
  • About 50 advanced technical solutions
  • Power frame can keep 10t load
  • Wide range of additional accessories
  • Maintenance-free flexible blade elements
  • Many features and solutions are included as standard accessories
Working width 2950-4000 mm
Maximum wing height 1245 mm
Ploughing angle 42°- 0 - 42°
Blade attack angle 75 °
Weight 1110kg