60 KM/H
2950-4000 MM

AM 4000 HMX

Full swiveling front mounted plough AM 4000 HMX is designed for work at mainroads and highways and has enough working width to be used together with side mounted ploughs. Wing is done from high-strength steel and has variable geometry for ensuring excellent throwing properties and efficient snow bank cutting works. Special attention in paid to the shape of the wing in the edges what gives possibility to cut snow bänks without falling snow down after drive. Flexible blade elements precisely follow road profile individually by each segment. It is recommended to use double blade (T2) together with main blade when you clean wet snow and slush. Rubber wear blades of T2 are pressed to the ground with hydraulic cylinder, which is adjusted individually for each HMX model at factory.

  • Over 20 years experience into design and production of such ploughs
  • Thickness of still parts up to 90 mm
  • Over 50 modern technical solutions
  • Reasonable basic accessories
  • Wide spectrum of extra accessories
Working width 2950-4000 mm
WIng maximum height 1300 mm
Swiveling angle 42° - 0 - 42°
Blade attack angle 75 °
Weight 1140 kg