90 KM/H
2720-3700 MM

AM 3700 HPD

The most silent, fast and modern front plough in the world. AM 3700 HPD model is middle-size snow plough, designed for use in suburban areas and highways, as well as in mountain roads with many sharp turnings. Swiveling function for 42 degr to each side is available in whole range of ploughing speed and was high speed of movement, what is very important in quickly changed operation environment. Special attention is paid to safe and comform work of the driver, absence of throwing snow over the wing and its flying to windshield and mirrors. Polyethylene wing has significant thickness and is resistant against agressive salty environment. Polished surface prevents snow sticking from inner side of the wing. Plough has modular structure and allows to install extra equipments and accessories afterwards according to Customer needs later.

• 20 years of experience in design of this type of plough
• About 50 advanced technical solutions in the design
• New double blade design
• A wide range of additional accessories
• No snow sticking inside of the wing

Working width 2720 - 3700 mm
Wing height 1245 mm
Ploughing angle 42 °- 0 - 42°
Blade angle 75 °
Weight 1050 kg