70 KM/H
2720 - 3700 MM

AM 3700 HMK

AM 3700 HMK is a combination of high throwing diagonal plough and modern flexible blade highway plough. Flexible blades follow the road surface precisely and makes extremely clean result. Shape of the wing throws snow high and far away and prevents snow falling back to the road surface. Plough is designed for snowy areas.

The plow wing is designed so that the thickness of the wing material is higher where it is subjected to maximum forces.

  • Long lifecycle - over ten years
  • High throwing wing - throws over 1,5m high
  • Heavy enough to be able to work with speed of 70 km/h
Technical information
Maksimum working width 3700mm
Minimum working width 2720mm
Swiveling angle 42°- 0 - 42°
Blade attack angle 75 °
Weight 1330kg
Amount flexible blade elements 4 pcs
Possible to have double blade Yes