70 KM/H
2700 - 3650 MM

AM 3700 HMD

This plough model is a combination of technologies between diagonal ploughs with big throwing distance and modern ploughs with segmented blades, which are precisely coping lateral profile of the road surface and especially tracks from wheels. Plough is designed for work in regions with high intensity of snowfalls where special attention is paid to possibility of long distance snow throwing and overthrowing high snow banks at the same time. Especially for these purposes snow in the wing twists and flies sharply up, which ensure easy overthrowing 1,5m high snow banks with their simultaneous cutting of their edge. In addition, the shape of the wing sidewall cuts the snow bank so that snow doesn't fall down after drive of Road Maintenance Truck.

Plough wing has different thickness depending on area of the wing and is increased till 4mm in some places. Also plough has stronger strength elements. All these ensure resistance towards very high forces and incredible lifetime of plough.

Also plough can be equipped with double blade system working in conjunction with main blade when cleaning wet snow and slush. Double blade is segmented also and is pressed to the road surface by hydraulic cylinder. Precise adjustment of hydraulic pressure is done at factory-producer individually for each model of our ploughs.

  • Over 40 modern technical solutions
  • High life span, measured by tens of years
  • Overthrowing possibility even for 1,5...2m snow banks
  • Enough heavy for work at 70 km/h
Length of the blade (max working width) 3650 mm
Minimum working width 2700 mm
Swiveling angle 42°- 0 - 42°
Blade attack angle 75 °
Weight 1400kg
Amount of main blade segments 4 pcs
Possibility of double blade installation Yes