70 KM/H
2950-3965 MM

AM 3000 FMD

AM 3000 FMD - new model of hi-speed diagonal plough designed for work at trucks, front loaders and powerful tractors. Installation can be done at special plough front attachment, 3-point tractor attachment or front loader equipment. Plough can be equipped with double blade of new design with bigger amount of blade segments. Also into new structure there is bigger stroke of segments to each other, what ensure excellent ploughing result even at bad road profile and tracks from tyres. Due to full swiveling function of 42° to each side there is happening decrease of necessary drives at roundabouts, parking places, bus stops, etc.

  • Lighter and stronger lifting arms what gives better steering of base machine
  • Special hi-strength steel is used for wing
  • Reinforced thick cylinders
  • Increased working speed up to 70 km/h
  • Increased amount of double blade segments
  • Over 40 unique and modern technical solutions
Working width 2950-3965 mm
Maximum wing height 1580 mm
Swiveling angle 42 - 0 - 42 °
Blade attack angle 42 °
Weight 950 kg