60 KM/H
2 - 8 M

АМ LQT-Series

Spreaders AM LQT are designed for anti-skid treatment of roads and city streets with liquid material. They are simple, reliable and cheap solution for work with liquid chemicals.
Spreading on the road is ensures via special spreading disk designed for work with only liquid materials. Besides, according to tests in Norway such spreading way is more precise comparing to high-speed nozzle spreading method.

The apparent advantage of our spreading method in comparison to nozzle is absence of weak components, especially nozzles which are very demanding to quality of liquid material and also are subjust to problems during crystallization process inside of them.

For summer time liquid spreader can have exchangable liquid module with powerful water pump to work as street washer, maximizing usage of truck and equipment all year round.

Also worth noting that we don't use membrane pumps in our products, which are complicated into adjustment and decreasing reliability of whole system.

Capacity of liquid material 6 - 15 m3
Working width 2 - 8 m
Working width adjustment 0,3 m
Spreading range 0 - 40 g/m2
Adjustment of spreading amount 2 g/m2
Symmetry adjustment As standard


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