50 KM/H
14 - 24 M


New generation of airport automatic spreaders AM Combi Air was designed to fulfill constantly raising requirements on:

  • runway anti-skid treatment,
  • working speed with special chemicals,
  • wide and long spreading distance.

Special attention was paid to precise spreading during speeding for both dry and liquid materials.

To ensure steady liquid material spreading at speed up to 50 km/h and 24m working width our spreader is always equipped with own diesel HATZ engine 46hp with air cooling. Power module makes spreader independent from chassis, having all necessary own supply systems, such as big fuel tank, battery, hydraulic system, etc. Into driver's cabin there is only one control unit installed to control all features and systems of spreader. Control unit is CAN-BUS type, colorful with big display, intuitively understandable for driver. Installation of spreader is possible straight on truck chassis, hook lift or into tipper.

Spreading booms can be in transport position behind the truck or along the chassis, depending on model. Control of left and right boom can be individual if needed. Dry material spreading is done with the help of 2 spreading disks which have smart shape and position. It ensures long throwing distance with excellent uniformity of spreading.

Usage and maintenance of spreader are minimized due to use of maintenance-free modern components, and rest of service operations don't require special skills or big time consumption.

According to Customer requirements spreader can have only spreader with liquid tanks from 6 till 15 m3.

Reliability and endurance of our spreaders even in severe Northern conditions is confirmed with long-term co-operation with Finnish company Finnavia and presence of our spreaders in any airport of Finland.

TECHNICAL DATA АМ Combi Air 5099 АМ Combi Air 7078
Dry material capacity 5 m3 7 m3
Liquid material capacity 9,9 m3 7,8 m3
Working width 14, 16 or 24 m 14, 16 or 24 m
Working width adjustment 0,5 m 0,5 m
Salt and liquid material spreading range 0 - 50 g/m2 0 - 50 g/m2
Salt and liquid material adjustment 1 g/m2 1 g/m2
Own weight About 4000 kg About 4000 kg


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