90 KM/H
2000-8000 MM

AM 7000-series

AM 7000-series is designed for use at 3-axle trucks in suburban areas with average spreading distances. Spreader is compact and is suitable for installation into tippers of 3-axle trucks even with short wheel base.

Conveyor system - belt or screw, depending on conditions and Customer's tasks. It's important to mention that belt is always unloaded, what positively influence for its lifetime, operability and dosage uniformity for any material. Belt itself can have special version with higher teeth for operation with low-quality material if needed. We use the most high-quality belt available for puchasing in Europe to ensure excellent quality, long lifetime and minimum maintenance costs for End User.

Spreaders can work with dry materials only, with brine only or any their mixture. As dry material it's possible to use salt, sand, their mixture, crashed stones.

  • Lifetime over 20 years
  • All hydraulics and electrics is protected from salt, snow and ice
  • High protection class of all electric components
  • Preparation for data collection service
Dry materian capasity 7 mᵌ 7 mᵌ
Liquid material capasity 0 mᵌ 3,6 mᵌ
Working width 2 - 8 m 2 - 8 m
Spreading width adjustment 0,5 m 0,5 m
Spreading range for salt and brine 0 - 40 g/m2 0 - 40 g/m2
Spreading range for sand 0 - 400 g/m2 0 - 400 g/m2