90 KM/H
2-8 M


AM 5000-series is designed for installation at light chassis with wheel formula 4x2, 4x4, 6x2 and 6x4 for cities and suburban areas. Special attention is paid to volume of liquid material what can reach 7,8 m3 and possibility to use spreader all year round - to feed summer equipment for example.

A distinctive feature of all our new spreaders is high loading capacity when having compact dimensions and low center of gravity. Besides all spreaders are so robust that allow to load them into tipper/hooklift from own storage legs when been fully loaded.

Spreaders can use only dry material, only liquid or their mixture. As dry material it's allowed to use salt, sand, their mixture, crashed stones. If needed spreader can be equipped with vibrator when quality of material is low.

Conveyor can be screw or belt, depending on working conditions and materials. It's important to mention, that belt is always protected from pressure, what helps to reach precise spreading parameters, increase its lifetime and non-stop work.

  • Tens of years experience into automatic spreaders production
  • Over 60 smart technical solutions
  • Rich standard equipments
  • Lifetime over 20 years
Dry material bunker 5 m3 5 m3 5 m3
Liquid materail capasity 0 m3 3,6 m3 7,8 m3
Working width 2 - 8 m 2 - 8 m 2 - 8 m
Adjustment of spreading width 0,5 m 0,5 m 0,5 m
Spreading range for salt and brine 0 - 40 g/m2 0 - 40 g/m2 0 - 40 g/m2
Spreading range for sand 0 - 400 g/m2 0 - 400 g/m2 0 - 400 g/m2