70 KM/H
2 - 8 M

AM 3559 SH

АМ 3559 SH - special spreader model with double wall bunker of dry material and heat-up from exhaust gas of base truck. It was designed together with our Customers in very Northern conditions for operation in such extreme environment. Such solution allows to use for spreading even low quality material with a lot of moisture inside and carry it for long distances. Exhaus gas heats up material what prevents getting it frozen and even makes it warm. In addition, bunker walls have special isolation panels to keep maximum amount of heat inside of bunker.

Belt conveyor has 2 times bigger working width and much higher ribs on it. Pattern is directed what helps to get material out evenly. All these technical solutions together with many others allowed us to make simple, robust and unique spreader for severe polar conditions.

Spreader can have up to 3,3 m3 liquid system if needed.

  • Colorful and easy understandable CAN-BUS control systems
  • Thermoisolation as standard
  • Hot galvanized net and protective cover as standard
Spreading width 2 - 8 m
Adjustment of spreading width 0,5 m
Dry material capacity 8,5 m3
Liquid material capacity 0 - 3,3 m3
Spreading range for salt and brine 0 - 40 g/m2
Spreading range for sand 0 - 400 g/m2


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