Arctic Machine history


1934 – Smith August Karvonen starts own business in Suonenjoki. Since then TEHO road maintenance products has been part of Finnish traffic system by ensuring safe traffic with good maintenance.

1949 – August Karvonen’s sons join the company and name is changed to A- Karvonen and sons. Company is having efficient production by having serial production.

1950 –Mechanical V-Plough TEHO 2 KJ becomes a success story and is having major share in production. August Karvonen’s sons brings new fresh ideas to road maintenance and new era with strong focus on R&D of TEHO products

1964 – Diploma in Winter Road Congress for TEHO 2K V-Plough

1965 – Hydraulic becomes part of road maintenance products. TEHO 6 PJ diagonal plough is launched and remains in production until 1974.

1967 – Diplomas for Diagonal ploughs 6P and 6J in Winter Road Congress

1970 – Diplomas for Diagonal plough 6PJ-HM and V-Plough TEHO 2K 6J in Winter Road Congres

1971 – Generation change in company, August retires and two sons continue the business under name Brothers Karvonen Workshop.

1973 – Diplomas for ploughsTEHO 2KJ, TEHO 6PJ-HM2, TEHO 6 PJ-HM1 and 6PJ-H2 iin Winter Road Congress

1974 – First TEHO plough with hydraulic lifting to front attachment in Finland is launched.

1976 – Diploma for Plough TEHO 2800 in Winter Road Congress

1979 – Diplomas for Ploughs TEHO 2800-15 and TEHO 2800-13P and TEHO NKJ. Roads are becoming wider and traffic is growing.

1983 – Diplomas for Ploughs TEHO NKJ, TEHO 2800-15 P, TEHO 2800 PS and TEHO 2800 17 PS in Winter Road Congress

1985 – First TEHO SHJ side plough is produced. Side plough gets Patens to Finland, Sweden and Norway.
TEHO side plough.

1988 – First TEHO scrapers are installed under trucks.

1989 – Arctic Machine Oy.stä becomes owner of the company. New era with export and marketing minded business development gets company growing internationally. Diploma for scraper TEHO AT-2 in Winter Road Congress.

1991 – First deliveries to Russia.

1990’s – International business grows, totally over 2000 units to Russian customers.

2000 – Diplomas for plough AM TEHO 4000 T2 and good working result with combination of TEHO 3500 TK and Teho-2 scraper in removing slush from road.

2001 – Arctic Machine AB:n established to Sweden.

2002 – Diplomas for TEHO 2500 snow loader and remarkable development of road maintenance products in Winter Road Congress.

2003 – First H serie ploughs launched. Excellent working result + silence!

2004 – Diploma for good working result of combination AM TEHO tractor plough and scraper in Winter Road Congress.

2004 – Arctic Machine Oy purchases HWH product rights from Denmark and opens Danish market for AM products. Arctic Machine becomes market leader for main road ploughs in Denmark.

2004 – OOO Arctic Machine-R established to Moscow.

2005 – Arctic Machine Oy Purchases Salon Terästyö Oy and becomes the only producer in northern Europe who has the whole offering for road maintenance products for trucks.

2006 - Diploma for Scraper AM TEHO 6 in Winter Road Congress.

2006 – Arctic Machine establishes a sales office to Norway and focuses more on Norwegian market.

2008 – First diploma in history to Arctic Machine by strong development on environmental friendly ploughs.

2008 – Arctic Machine Oy purchases Livakka brand, business is expanded to agricultural products.

2010 – Branch of OOO Arctic Machine-R established to St Petersburg.

2011 – Assembly workshop opened in St. Petersburg.

2012 – Russia becomes biggest export market, turnover has grown 9 times in 5 years. Over 70% of products is going for export.

2013 – Arctic Machine Oy opens new 3rd export factory in Finland and invents new unique machine for Metro tracks cleaning and expands offering to Railways and Airports. Also new generation of own software CAN-BUS controllers is launched – iRoad control units.

2014 – Arctic Machine Oy comes to Lithuanian market.

2015 – Arctic Machine Oy receives ISO 9001 quality certificate.

2016 – Arctic Machine Oy once again has shown their superiority and unique solutions for efficient maintenance of road at international exhibition in Tampere (Finland) in February 2016. The biggest in the world Road Maintenance Truck was presented.